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15.2hh 2016 Cob x Gelding

A very kind and sweet horse who is always willing to please, Drifter is hacking out perfectly and is about to start his education in the school and with poles 


2014 Chunky 15HH
Connemara x Cob mare

Lovely kind fun horse, loves to jump, fun forward ride, jumps xc and coloured fences would suit someone who wanted to go out and have fun at local level, hacks very well


14hh Chunky Cob Gelding 

Very sweet boy, hacking well alone or in company and is schooling up nicely, has started popping jumps 

15hh Cob Gelding

A very nice horse who tries really hard to please, he is hacking alone and in company and is now starting basic schooling and trotting poles 


14.2hh Chunky cob 2015

Nice easy boy in all ways, hacks well alone and in company, he is schooling well and pops a jump, hes a very friendly chap and easy In all ways 

15.2hh sports cob 2016

A very sweet horse, nice easy boy still a little green but hacking very well, he has started basic schooling and pole work and is always eager to please


16hh Chunky cob 2015

Super fun lad he loves life and loves to please, hacks well, schools well and jumps nicely has been doing hunt rides in Ireland. 


2016 14hh cob gelding

Barney is fast becoming favourite on the yard he is just adorable and always willing, he is hacking well, schooling nicely and now trying his hoof at a bit of jumping and pole work 


2016 ID x Mare 15.2hh

Very kind and simple mare to ride and handle, she hacks well and has been doing basic schooling and pole work, she has a very natural easy character 


15.2hh ID x Mare 2012

Nice mare with big stride and a very willing nature she is forward thinking and schools well, she is jumping nicely and has a nice attitude 

12.2hh 2007 gelding

Super friendly chap with a lovely way about him, hacks well alone or incompany on or off lead rein, schools easy and pops a jump



16hh ID x COB  Gelding 2016

Nice big horse who has a lot to offer he is a nice easy responsive ride, hacks alone or in company and is jumping nicely, he schools nicely with a good walk, trot and canter on both reins 



15.1hh Jump for joy x warmblood Gelding 2015 

A nice person to have on the yard, he is hacking in company well, a little unconfident nappy alone his schooling is coming on nicely and he has a very nice jump, still a little green so wants a bit better rider, can sometimes put a excitable buck in 


16.2hh Irish Cob x gelding

A nice horse who is hacking well, schooling is still a little green, pops a jump and has a nice kind nature



Hope ID x TB 2015 15.2hh

Very nice quality mare, schooling well, hacking alone and in company, and jumping well, nice responsive ride with a snaffle mouth


11hh Kerry bog pony 2015

****Don't Pass him by****
This is a great pony, I bought him as a 2yo, he was backed and riding away, we can leave him in the field for months catch him up, chuck the tack on and he rides like he was last ridden yesterday, a truly wonderful little pony and a true asset to any family,
rides on or off lead rein, hacks perfectly alone or in company, has nannied me out on many a  big young horse  :)


15.3hh Irish cob x TB gelding 

Toby has a lot to offer the right person, he is a fun forward going snaffle mouth with a lovely jump he would suit as a fun event horse, he has a very natural athletic jump and loves cross country, he schools nicely and is always willing 


Pop 2012
Registered Connemara Mare

This is a super pony she has a fantastic jump and is schooled nicely, she hacks alone and in company and is very kind in all ways 


15hh Cob X 2011 Mare

Nancy is a fun cob a kind horse with lots of character, she hacks alone and in company and her schooling is coming on nicely she jumps nicely, easy to do, looking for a fun friend who enjoys going out 


Sports x Cob 15.2hh

Davinci is a nice person, he proving to be a very sensible steady sort, he is hacking very well and the schooling is coming along but still a bit wiggly :) he has been out on hound exercise where he was super sensible and easy



15.2hh ISH 

William is a nice horse, he has a nice jump and his schooling is coming on, he enjoys his hacking and would suit as a club all rounder, hes a loving kind horse and enjoys people and work, he is great fun and would suit someone who wants to have fun, he loves to jump, 


14.2hh Irish cob x Pony 2013

A fun bubbly cob who loves to jump, schools well and hacks nicely, he is easy to handle and would suit as a all rounder for someone who likes to have fun 



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Paddy Full up 16hh, Proven with a good kind temperament Cob Stallion, with lots of feather and plenty of bone. 😍

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