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Hi Laura

Frankie has settled in really well to her new home and Kiya has started to enter her into competitions

Frankie is a lovely pony and we are really grateful for taking the time to find the right pony for us

I will definitely be back in the future when we start looking for a pony for my youngest daughter

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Hi Laura,

Black Sally has been a real star on the road even in the heaviest traffic.Basil the Shire has been a Dick and she completely ignors him when he's jumping about on his back legs. She has worked rearly well and is a pleasure to ride. She one of the family now.

Freddie couldnt wish for a better hor from a better place this is us after 6months of being together hes in his other field now aswell:)

I just wanted to say a massive thank you for helping me find my perfect horse! Grace has been with us about a month now and is an absolute star I couldn't be happier so thank you so much! X

Dream come true we waved as we drove by the end of the road x

Hi Laura, I bought Mary (now named Whisky) from you last October. She has come on so much and is a joy to have. She is jumping, hacking out and we are doing lots of school work. Just thought I would send you an update. Thank you for such a lovely horse.

Hi Laura.

Thought you would like this picture for your web page.

Working well in school, hacked out on my own last week, what a little star, he was fab.

Hope you all are well.

Take care, Debbie and Mr Darcy. Xx

Hi Laura,

This is me and Phenie day 5 of owning her jumping a course. Thank you finding the right horse for me she is an absolute angel.

Love Jess


Thank you Laura for finding me the right horse. She is a beautiful horse and I love her dearly. Nell and Phenie are part of our family now and thoroughly spoilt!

Lisa X

Yay proud of my boy at Royal London show xx

Hi Laura me and Tilly just did our first show today she was amazingly well behaved. We entered the prettiest mare contest and came 3rd witch I'm very happy with hopefully next time I will be doing some jumping xx

Russell in the pouring rain Blackwater farm hunter trial, still with a smile on his face! Love him so much! — with Laura Barber.

Went on a ride tonight and had a very relaxing time! And something amazing happened...I cantered across a stubble field! Something that only a few weeks ago I never thought I'd have the confidence to do again, Russell was a true gentleman as always looked after me 100%, I might as well have been sitting on a merry go round horse! Adorable.

Tanya and Jilly doing very well xx

Such a yummy good boy! Not had him 24 hours yet, already had a hack last night, school sesh and jumped this morn, then lovely 2.5 hour chilled out hack, don't know who's more tired me or Larry

Roo growing up very fast with his family xx

Many of you would have met Kirsty here at the yard she helps me out part time well this is her and Fergus who she purchased from me some time ago doing a fantastic job together xx

Hi Laura, firstly thanks for finding another superb horse , Daisy was special and when we lost her we didn't think we find another yongster so chilled with life, but yet again you have come up trumps! I thought i'd just let you know Hazel has settled in well took her out this morning in very high wind and she was fine I was more worried than she was! It's only been 6 days since we brought her home and she has made friends with everyone already.Thanks Suzie and family xx

Hi Laura I thought I would let you know how Betty(now called Tilly) is getting on. She has filled out really nicely and settled into her new home now. At the moment she is being schooled and learning very quickly. Soon I should be doing jumping competitions and some sponsored rides. Hope you are all well there. Alex and Karen x

Back out again -scored 60.43% - she's not been out for 6 months due to car problems. Walked straight onto trailer and strutted her stuff in a completely new venue very proud of her

For those of you who remember Lenny long legs that we bred here he is with one of his new owners doing every one proud well done Lucy and Shannon for doing such a lovely job with him xx

So pleased with Ava - only just turned 5, moved to a new home and hacking out alone like an angel bless her :) — with Laura Barber.

Lily has settled into her new home really well. We are so

pleased with her, she is everything you said she was,

I could not of wished for a better first pony for my four year old daughter. Thank you

Hi Laura just wanted to tell you how proud i am of Peps she is doing so well, is now flexing and bending and looking beautiful and we are starting our jumping next in preparation for some xc hopefully this year, thank you so much for selling her to me, i love her to bits shes a babe, will send you some up to date pics soon xx

Great day oday two 1st for me and lucky! and another first for Robyn so proud of lucky for jumping the metre joker !!! and proud of kane for comming to his first show even though lucky kept kissing him!!!! xxx♥

Had a brill ride on my lovely Murphy this morning , how times change , Murphy has taken over our lives and we love it. He is now a fully fledged Thompson lol. didnt think We could ever feel this way about a horse again after loosing Boots, but he has taken our hearts, we love him to bits :-) XXX

Maggie, Chester, Little Tim and Sally all happy at

Roly and Lucy enjoying a new life at Kensington lodge Riding School

From left to right Roly, Lucy who is now Callie and Finn who is now Pingu.

Poppy with Beth and Sam enjoying practicing for the Hunting season ......

Beth & Pops are out over the marshes jumping ditches & dykes, I SOOOO wish they where a little closer to the house so I could take some pics and show you! Geeez that mare can fly!!

Crystal came 3rd out of 15 last weekend in her first showing show :) she was an absolute diamond :)

3rd / 6 with 60.43% - the only coloured cob there!! Very proud of Crystal :)

Misty loving her new family ...

She was perfect when we went for our endurance ride last week, I just adore her. xx

Yay took my boy for his first outing at a hunt ride and he was a total superstar! Had so much fun and weather couldn't have been better too! Thanks Sam F and Catherine B for taking me and of course Laura Barber for looking after me all the way round! :-)

Hi Laura,

Hope all is well with you and your family.

I have sent on a couple of pictures of Pollyann

and her 'mate' Harty.

They are inseparable since my big coloured fella

'Solo' died in March. It has

been difficult to leave Harty when trying to hack

out with Pollyann. So now

we are in the process of trying

to get Harty to hack out too - out of

retirement for him.

Pollyann has grown loads, and we have had

so much grass this year you can

see she is much fatter!

She was a great hit at the workshops

I run from home for health

professionals learning how horses can

help people with mental health

problems-a real star.

We have mentioned your place to a few

people who were looking for horses and

will continue to do so.

All the best,


Hi Laura,just thought I would send you a picture of me and Joe doing the Newmarket sponsored ride today. We completed 15 miles and he was such a good boy. He has really settled in well and I couldn't be more happier with him:)). Thankyou Suzy


with Mike and Jacqui

enjoying a multitude of events

Poppy and Beth

Galivanting the country side

and enjoying pc and rc activities

Lucy and Ann

Doing very well inhand showing and now venturing the ridden

A fantastic success for Anne and Lucy (27 photos)

Today was a fantastic day for Anne and Lucy they competed in hand for the first time and got a second in best turned out and a first in the M&M class well done to them both and good luck for the future definitly two to keep an eye o

Bitsy now known as Bea

out with Claire enjoying the country side


enjoying sunny days out driving with her new family

Olly and Alice

doing very well in showing

and enjoying all pc rc activities

Lilly and Lorna

Now enjoying pony club and riding club activities

Trigger and Maddie

Enjoying all activities

Lady and Jess

Having fun hacking around the country side

Mary May enjoying being ridden by the whole family who hope to go on to showing and local jumping soon

Tanya and Blaze

Enjoying country hacking and Gayton Thorpe Riding Club

Kirsty and Fergus

Hoping to go on to event

              • Lindsey I totally agree, we've had Tess for 2 years, she is amazing, every day we thank you for selling her to us, she is everything you said and more, we love her so much, thank you Laura and family xxxxx