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Thank you


Lovely email I got earlier

Hi Laura,

Stevie an I want to say Hallo from Germany. Stevie has settled in well and I couldn't be happier - he is the perfect horse for me and I love him deeply. We are a brilliant team and both enjoy the time we spend together. We do natural horsemanship as well as riding lessons and hacking and Stevie proves to be a real star in all ways.

He is an extremely clever chap and sometimes tests me (without ever being nasty!) which always makes me laugh. He is so funny and puts a smile on everybodys face! At the same time he is the most sensible and sensitive horse and takes care of his rider being the reliable and level headed horse you sold him as. He has never put a foot wrong, learns quickly, is very approachable and loves humans which makes him easy to handle and so much fun to be with. Still he is full of character which I absolutely adore!

In the field and the herd he is the silly 5 yo horse you can expect him to be and he enjoys his time out playing with his friends!

I want to thank you for bringing Stevie and me together although he was the "young and coloured" horse I absolutely didn't want when I first came to you! Of course he now is the most beautiful horse to me and I am so happy I travelled to UK to find my perfect horse - it was well worth it!

xxx Hilke


Hi Laura. Hope you're well. Just thought I'd drop you a quick line to say what a superstar Susie is. She has really matured over winter and Robyn and her are forming such a wonderful partnership. They've done XC, SJ and PC, and are now starting dressage lessons. Robyn is so confident with her now. Every day I look at her and think how lucky we are to have her. She' so loving as well. Not the slightest bit aloof or mareish. More like a big puppy really. When we started looking the last thing I expected to buy my novice daughter was a 4 year old! She's an amazing little horse and I'm loving watching her and Robyn learn together. I can't imagine us ever not having her!! x


Hi Laura hope your well. It's been 14 months now that I've had Texas for n I just really wanna say thank you for letting me be the one to have him. He's my absolute star, love him more than words can say, he surprises me all the time with how good he is. He's a complete mummy's boy n I love that. I've been to visit hi. Daddy, n at the end of next month I'm going to visit his 2 year old son milo, love that I know all about his past. Your wonderful at what you do n I couldn't be happier so thank you 😊 x

Hi Laura and Luke

I would just like to say the biggest THANK YOU! for pairing me up with my dream horse!

I honestly cannot fault him. He is an amazing horse, he’s restored all of my confidence and we’re doing things I never imagined doing. He schools beautifully and his flatwork has come on leaps and bounds, he’s supporting me through X country and jumping in the school. We went to the beach today and he was a absolute star and we went to a dressage test in march, hopefully going out and doing some jumping next! He has gotten so much better with traffic, we can now hack through the village and cross at the level crossing without him flinching at cars, vans and the odd train and he’s even coping a lot better with lorries and tractors. He goes through the river first and last, he is just such a level headed horse and he has made me love riding again, we ride everyday, sometimes twice a day and he takes everything in his stride. Just a short little message to say the biggest thank yous for matching us together, he really is my horse of a life time. and I'm so grateful for you taking on indie and finding her a new loving home with a better suited owner and I wouldn't think twice about recommending you to a friend

Thanks again

Lizzie and Duke

Hi Laura,

Firstly I should probably say I've been holding off on sending this email since about the first week I've had Joy just in case I had to eat my words!

Can I firstly just say thank you for such a wonderful horse! She is everything I've ever dreamed of and is absolutely perfect for me. My 8 year old son is able to be involved with her care, from filling her haynets to leading her in from the field and cooling her down for me in the school (also known as having a walk round off the lead rein haha), she looks after him 110%, I couldn't ask for a better family horse, she really makes our little family complete.

I lunged her the second day she was at the yard and then had a sit on, then the next day I had a proper schooling session on her. We had our first pub hack that week and she was lovely, so confident given her short time there. We had a ton of fun! Soon we had our first canter out which she was lovely with after we had a short reverse and spin in the lane. She actually did such an impressive spin a dog walker asked if we did dressage! I think I was laughing all the way home! Once she got over that, the canter was amazing so calm and sensible, it really put my mind at ease for future outings. We have had a real blast in a field with about 5 others which was a bit more hair raising but lots of fun too! She really steps up a gear in a group, I think she thought we were hunting!

We've also been jumping, which I needed a lot more confidence with and I'm pleased to say I've now jumped over 1m with her and I think she has the scope to do a ton more! In fact if the jump isn't big enough she just cat leaps over it anyways haha! We hope to go out this summer to showjumping and working hunter competitions and my son is taking her into in hand classes too. We did our first mounted games this afternoon with the other horses on the yard and Joy loved it. After having to work in an outline and school properly I think she really enjoyed just tearing up and down the menage!

I think the thing I most enjoy about her is her temperament. She is so loving, she whinnies when I come onto the yard and call out to her and she follows me around when we free school. I've never had this sort of connection with a horse before and I'm loving every second.

In case you're interested I've attached a few pictures of our first month or so settling in. I've attached one of her and another coloured horse who she flirts with quite regularly, although not when she thinks anyone is looking! Please feel free to use this email (or edit it how you see fit) on your website's testimonial's page. I would and have recommended you to anyone who is looking for their next horse.

Thank you again for such a wonderful horse and friend, she is truly spoilt and I'm totally besotted with her.

Katrina and family,


High Laura. Had a really great time today, went out for a good hack, as we were going out and the train came in, making all the noise under the sun. Bless his heart he just stood and waited until it had passed. I felt really safe.

Thank you so much for my beautiful boy, he's wonderfully,

Debbie F and Mr Darcy xxx

Dear Laura & Luke,

Sorry taken awhile but here are a couple of pictures of Jess jumping Pheonix and me bringing Nell into ride. After a challenging start things settled down and we could not ask for two more gorgeous wel behaved horses. Both Nell and Phenie as we call her now are very spoilt and dearly loved. Jess is enjoying her horse just as she had dreamed it would be. Nell is very vocal and when I go down to see her everyday and call her name she whinneys back. Also she is nickering and talking to me all the time. Oh and yes they are rather partial to an apple!!

Just one more thing please could you e-mail me back just to say I bought Pheonix from you with your address to send with her passport the Connemera Society want this.

Thank you.

Lisa & Jessica x

Hi Dear Laura and Luke Hope you and girls are all well and had a good weekend. Dottie and Lucy are fine, thank you all very much for helping me with them, they are both hacking out in company very well and are nicely settled. Dottie loves her stable and is a really good girl to handle, just waiting for the school to be finished so we can continue lessons and schooling I will let you know how they do, hoping to get Lucy to a show in the next week or so. Take care, look forward to seeing you soon. Anne x

Nancy and Vicky

I spoke to Laura about part exchanging my welsh mare which was a decision which was hard for me to make, yet I felt that with my other horse, she required more time than I could give, so approached Laura in relation to part exchanging for a bombproof cob suitable for my family to hack out on with me on my thoroughbred. From the out set, Laura was very approachable, helpful and professional and recommended Nancy. So I came to view and try her, and instantly adored her! Laura kindly offered to look after my son and followed myself and Nancy with the pushchair for a short hack. Nancy really was as described; she didn't flinch when a large agricultural vehicle approached and was very easy going. A true bombproof cob. Although Nancy will never be a Advanced dressage horse, this was not what I wanted and soon after she was delivered to my house and has continued to be a big part of my family, the children love her to bits, I can't thank Laura enough.

I must also thank Laura for taking my welsh on, looking after her and facilitating me to stay in contact with her new owners. This was very important to me, and feel pleased with the whole process.

Yet again, thankyou Laura, I would highly recommend you to anyone looking for a horse/ pony in the future, you were very freindly, provided an excellent service and were incredibly professional throughout. I will be keeping an eye on you site for a small lead rein pony for my 3 year old!

Hi Laura and Luke I just wanted to let you know how Misti is getting on now that I have had her for a few months. To say that Misti is everything you said she would be is an understatement. She is just a gentle, honest soul that always tries her hardest to please. I have taken her out to a few shows and nothing fazes her. She is worth her weight in gold. She was exactly as you described her to be and more. I would recommend you to anyone that wants to buy a horse. You and Luke were professional and let me take my time by coming to visit you a few times and try all the horses that I wanted to try without any pressure to buy at all. Thank you both once again for helping me find my perfect partner. Lots of Love Annalie and Misti


Hi Laura

Hope you and the family had a lovely christmas!

Sorry its taken so long to get in touch but its been a very hectic . Star is living up to his name, he's just adorable.!!!

The only hiccup we have had is when I was taken into hospital and I couldn't get to the yard for two weeks. He wouldn't let anyone else get him in at nights.

Once I started going back up he's been fine. He's so loving and a dream to ride, even the grandchildren love getting on him.

Star has not put a foot wrong and his manners are impeccable!!

My daughter and I can't wait for the spring, so we can start riding him at nights after work.

Happy New Year to you all !!!!

Be in touch in soon .



Hi to all at Chilver house stables,

Hello from the Crossley's in Derbyshire and our beloved 'Tom'. (As below 21/01/2012)

We just wanted to tell you how we are getting on with Tom. Well! We discovered how novice/green we are! It's not a sad story at all, we love him to bits and he is such a great character.

He settled in really well, too well in fact as he started to assert himself, (not until July), so we have had to up our game! I decided in September to have him schooled further as he started to get a little cocky and started rearing when we came across apples on the road! The little swine started to try his luck, so I have had to get top side of him! Don't worry I have sought professional help (me being so inexperienced), but he is still a dream and make's us laugh all the time. The one thing that annoys me is his consistency to spook at everything. He doesn't just banana, he turns and runs for it!!!!! I have come off only once at the startling of a sheep, which was so embarrassing and he doesn't improve with time. I don't know why he startles so easily as he goes out 3 times a week, but doesn't like new rides. He is more content at a usual/predictable rides.

Bob and I love taking him out. The unpredictability helps us to build on our own confidence and experience. However.......Tom continues to be the most amusing loveable, spoilt Irish cob ever. He 'talks' to us in his own way, which is so amusing, but nice is a funny kind of way. The farrier loves him! Tom jumps forward sometimes when having new shoes on but we have managed to limit this each time he is shod. Tom is so impatient it's laughable! Talk about throwing your toys out the pram!

We have had a new stable built for Tom and he loves it. He was brilliant with the dentist and with the vet when having his vaccinations. My daughter finishes University next September and I am following your website for a ride for me once she finishes. (I like Bella and Eddy.....))

We intend to visit 'Churchtown' in Ireland next year to visit where he came from and Eugene O'Reilley that bred him!

I hope the above does not sound negative because Tom is ideal for us, and we love him. He couldn't be more loved or spoilt, which is our fault not his. We had him 'saddle fitted' in September as I couldn't get on with the Wintec saddle at all. He now has a Kent and Masters leather cob saddle. He is the envy of the village! This summer he had every fly coat and fly mask available! He was so well turned out we were constantly asked where we got him from and we duly told them! Chilverhouse stables in Norfolk!

I don't know if this has helped you at all, but Tom is certainly well turned out on a happy hack that we give him, he is greatly admired by all who see him and we take love the attention he recieves.

We are guilty of not having taken any photos of him, but I have scheduled a professional photographer to take some for my daughters Xmas present and will send you the prints.

Thank you so much for 'Tom', we love him to bits and he isn't going anywhere but here!

We will send you some Bakewell puddings from Tom for Christmas.

We hope all is well with you and your family

Thank you for Tom

The Crossley's



Hi Laura and Luke

I thought I should e-mail you as we have now had Bea (Bitsy) for almost 6 months! The time has flown by. We love her to bits, she is such a sweet mare and never puts a foot wrong. All my friends that have met her comment on what a star she is and can't believe she is just 6 years old. I love riding her, she is such a good girl. I have been enjoying hacking on her mainly as well as a couple of charity rides and a mini riding holiday. I have taken her to a couple of places for training and she has walked into strange indoor schools without batting an eyelid, including through a yard full of tractors, hay turners and diggers where I proceeded to mount while she just stood there!

Thank you for helping us to find Bea, you immediately knew that she was suitable for me and even though I wanted a more 'cobby' type, you were absolutely spot on! I liked your friendly, unpushy manner and you were very honest.

Anyway you have many beautiful horses coming through, if I ever get that lottery win I will be back to see you like a shot!

Many thanks

Claire and Graham



Hi Laura and Luke

Just thought id email some pics of Peps formely Katie to add to your success stories, as you see shes a beautiful girl, coming on leaps and bounds and is now jumping 104, so pleased with her.



Hi Laura We just wanted to let you know that Ava, as expected, has settled in beautifully and is an absolute star - no-one can believe she is only 4 years old! As you know I had some reservations about buying such a young horse for my husband to learn to ride on but it just goes to show that an unspoilt youngster can be a lot safer, kinder and more patient than an older horse that has learnt bad manners or been treated unkindly. Robert is having professional lessons and Ava has honestly not put a foot wrong. Thanks to Ava's unflappable nature he is learning quickly and is not as unbalanced as your beginners demonstration! We have also been out on numerous hacks and apart from one small spook, which was entirely my horse's fault (and she is old enough to know better!) Ava again has been brilliant. The first time we rode out was Jubilee weekend with flags and bunting everywhere and a complete novice rider - Ava took it all in her stride and we knew right then we had found an amazing girl. Our opinion, and that of our instructor, is that Ava is 'one in a million' and we feel very lucky to have her. We would certainly recommend you to anyone looking for a horse - hopefully we are sorted for many years to come but you would be our first port of call if we were looking for another four legged friend in the future. Thanks again, Lucy & Robert Hamilton

Hi Laura / Luke

Thought you might like a picture for your testimonial section of the website.

I have now had Samson for about 8 months and he has been brilliant, which has helped me to regain my confidence in riding since my accident where i fell and broke my back. We hack out every weekend and when the weather allows most evenings.

Eddie is also doing well and Billy has been driving him all over the show, we even did a drive down at Gt Yarmouth over the Jubilee weekend.

Ther are a very commical pair you could almost pass them of as twins. !!


Hi Laura & Luke

Sorry its taken so long to get in touch. In November 2010 I brought Sally a 14.2 black Section D pony. She is doing very well with me at Snettisham she walks very calmly through gates & doorways now & is loved by everyone who meets her. She follows me everywhere & is the sweetest mare I have met.

Unfortunately due to a bad fall I had (from another horse) I have lost my confidence to ride but a friend and her daughter take Sally out and school her. She loves to jump and always wants to please. Shes a very quick learner & I love her to bits.

I would like to say a very big thank you for your help and honesty and reccomend anyone looking to buy a horse/pony to you. I will send some pictures of Sally soon.

Kind Regards


Dear Laura & Luke,

This is just a brief note to thank you so much for finding Molly for Sandy, they are ideally suited and she is a wonderful reliable mare.

We would also like to thank you for all the advice and help you've given and are still giving us, to help us get the best out of our gorgeous


As you know we are starting to look for a second horse and be assured we will come to you to help with selection etc.

Once again thanks to both of you and your lovely family for making us feel so welcome.

Sandy and Chris.

Hi Laura & Luke

Just thought i would drop you a line to let you know that i am still alive and kicking. Havnt been able to call in for a cup of tea and a catch up as my area was changed at xmas, i am now spending a lot of time in Cambridge.

Anyway Samson (Boldrick) is getting on really well and has settled realy well with his new friends, in fact he is so laid back you wouldnt believe. He gets several regular visitors throughout the week which he must love as he gets plenty of carrots. We try and get out for a hack most weekends but with the current weather it is tough. His confidence is great which helps me and i grow more and more confident everytime we go out.

I am so pleased that i waited for a Shire and he is a credit to you and your business. I will try and call in for a catch up soon (slight detour on the cards)



Dear Laura, Luke and Family,

What can we say, but just a very very big 'Thank you' for Tom. He is adorable. I couldn't take him out last Sunday as it was so windy but had a day off work in the week and took him out for a good hour and a half! I hadn't intended it to be so long but he was fine. Excellent in traffic, just needs to get out more and see the world but apart from that he was everything you said he would be. He is so easy on the ground it is such a pleasure to look after him.

We had intended taking him out this weekend but he has thrown a shoe, so we'll wait until the farrier sorts him out with a new set. I have treated him to a new bridle to match his lovely black saddle along with numnah's, training coat, stirrup leathers and irons and he looks a real bobby dazzler when out on the road. Already the locals round and about have commented on what a lovely horse he is, so he is proving very popular with the neigh -bours. (Excuse the pun). We all love him to pieces. Kara came home from university this weekend and had a little ride in the field on him. Her face was a picture and delight to see. She is thrilled with Tom and is constantly kissing him all the time. I'll take some pictures when the weather is better and let you have some so you can see how well he has settled in here in Derbyshire. I would have no hesitation recommending you to anyone who is thinking of buying a horse. So lovely to meet such genuine honest people.

Finally, I have the Bakewell puddings for you (I didn't forget!). I am in Manchester Monday and Tuesday next week but will post them to you Wednesday so you should get them Thursday at the latest. They will still be in date so don't worry !

Once again many many thanks

Kind regards

Sarah, Bob, Kara and Jack xx

Summer aka Pollly..... My little girl as you know we had teething problems first off ' She's A Mare' being a gelding girl all my life and the only experience I have had of mares is stubborn, grumpy, hormonal and totally dirty sqirting etc. and I have to say most of that applies to Summer, lol, but you did tell me the bond I would get with her would be out of this world once got and that would probably take about a year, I can see that (again lol) I have to say that although she is all of the above at times I wouldn't change her for the world, we had 2 months off during the winter due to crap weather and stupid things like needing a new saddle and bridle as she snapped her original one. I bought her back into work with no helpa week ago, we have done ground work and join up and now back in the saddle, just in the field at the moment and at last their has been a connection yay, I know that she's extremely intellegent and has now put on some good weight, I have no doubt that we are going to be partners for life, she does still sometimes try it on but that is part of her and being a youngster, but at the weekend we really connected and it was amazing. I know when she came to you she had had a poor start and I know she wasn't what I had being looking for but I wouldn't want anything else, she is a beautiful, minxy but loving mare, she is ready now to learn with out the attitude (except for her seasons- LOL) I really feel she is mine and Trooper's long life partner, except for when they take down my neighbours fence to eat the bamboo, Thank you, sorry for the rocky path but really do love her, thank you xxx

Hi laura here is joy who u sold in march this year just to say she's doing well and she's taught me so much like don't be such a woss and to just get on with the job she can be a challenge some days but that's horses her feet are near perfect now so that's good thanks again she's a lovely horse x

Hi Laura & Luke

It's been a while but I thought I would let you know that after nearly a year Rosey is still on top form, and I owe you guys a HUGE thank you for helping me to find the best horse ever.

Everytime we're out people comment on how beautiful & well behaved she is, & of course I couldn't agree more. She is so affectionate & loves kisses and being made a fuss of.

I will send you guys some photo's of her throughout the year.

Thanks again,

All our love,

Jemma & Rosey.xx

17th October 2011.

Hello Laura and Luke.

Thought you might like an update on Lizzie and her offspring.

Lizzie is a lovely mare, she is gentle, not bargy, really good ground manners. Cat is slowly bringing her back into work after the foal, so I am really looking forward to riding her. Murphy, well what can I say about Murphy, he is a beautiful bay with a lovely star

. His manners are quite good for a nearly 7 month monster. He is weaned from mum with no problems, loves being groomed and cuddled, he isn't worried about dogs or children, the only person he plays up with is Colin, we just stand and laugh while Colin mutters obcensties.

Buying Lizzie we got a BOGOF, we cant thank you enough for Lizzie and our lovely Murphy. We told you our requirements and you found a horse that met them. You are one of the nice people in the horse world, genuine, honest and true to your word.

Many thanks again to you both.

Diane, Colin and Cat

Have these on us!!!!!!!

Hi Laura,

Pollyann is proving to be 'the best horse in the world' as my husband describes her!

We have had some wonderful hacks out in the 2 weeks since she came here. She is the most well mannered horse we have had and has such a sunny nature, everybody loves her. She seems to love everyone too, even our little spaniel! Our two old boys love her to bits and the little herd have settled well together. She has positively changed the whole atmosphere here at home.

Pollyann is just what you described, a true family friend, despite being just 5 years old. I think I may have given up riding in my retirement had I not come across your website and met you and Pollyann. I can't thank you enough for your honesty and how you approach people and horses, a rarity these days.

I can thoroughly recommend your service to anyone wanting to find the perfect equine partner - I did.

Many many thanks.


PS Will keep sending more photos!

More Coming Soon!!!